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Theodore K. Siggelakis


Theodore Siggelakis aims to help clients maximize their own ability to raise money, while bringing new donors into their orbit. Siggelakis works for New Jersey Democratic entities and some non-profits.

Siggelakis started in fundraising interning for Congressman Rush Holt’s finance team in college. After college, Siggelakis managed a State Senate race in New Hampshire, out-raising the Republican opponent 2-to-1. After New Hampshire, Siggelakis took a job as a Finance Director on the Philadelphia Mayor’s race with former Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham. On a team of four, Siggelakis helped Abraham raise close to 1.5 million dollars for her bid for Mayor. During that time, Siggelakis executed over 30 house parties in the span of six months.

Siggelakis then started his career in his home state of New Jersey fundraising for Assemblyman Dan Benson, who is also Siggelakis’s hometown Assemblyman. After raising money for Benson’s 2015 re-election, Siggelakis was hired as a legislative aide for 16 months with Benson. During that time, Siggelakis forged valuable relationships in the State House and learned about New Jersey’s legislative process.